Is this a cure to Mental Health problems?

We wish it was but sadly we can't make that kind of claim. We are NOT health care professionals. What we are here to do is help those that need it.

Why Does this Matter?

Because we live in a time when mental health issues are all too common. The future fallout from the effects of the global pandemic is likely to be significant and mental health provision is already wildly overstretched even in the parts of the world that provide help to those that need it. 
The idea is that art and literature can be used, as it has been for thousands of years, as a helping hand to those who need it.

Can I Contribute my own ideas and work to the community?

This is the long term aim of Creative Compass. We would like nothing more than for people to share their creativity and positivity to help others who visit the site. A network of like-minded creatives can only be a positive development in addressing mental health.