Industry exposure gets a single aired on Kerrang radio

Richard formed the band 4minutes33 in 2002, whilst still at school.  Just before MSR Music Ltds scheme started, he was studying for his GCSEs. MSR Music approached him about the programme and he and his band decided it would be helpful to them to learn more about the music industry.  They had previous experience in playing gigs but had never recorded any of their music before being on the programme.


The motivation for wanting to take part on this programme was to help the band develop and get more exposure.  The programme has helped the band gain experience in the music industry, and has also opened doors to other opportunities; Richard met with Kerrang radio and got their single on the air.  With that exposure they then released a single.  This would not have happened if they had not been on the programme.  Richard has gained confidence throughout the programme as he and his band have learnt how to deal with the music industry.  Before it was just about the band and playing gigs.  Now they have gained about exposure, and established a profile within the industry. 

On a personal level, Richard feels his musical knowledge and ability has improved.  He has learnt new skills such as song writing and producing. He now feels confident enough to be able to produce 4minutes33’s music.

All in all Richard found the project to be helpful, as the band got more exposure then ever before. They were able to gain invaluable experience in the music industry.  They also got to record music, something they had never done before. 



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