Turning a creative talent into cash


Prior to taking part in the ISP, Helena was self-employed and in part-time education and had some previous experience in the creative industries as a freelance sound artist.

Helena’s primary motivation for wanting to enrol onto ISP was creative development.  She was really pleased at being awarded a place on the programme, and very much hoped that through it she would receive support with the development of ideas, and in reaching a suitable outcome (i.e. an exhibition).

As well as benefiting from support with presenting an exhibition of her work, and the provision of exhibition space, Helena also gained new experience and skills – namely collaborative working, the opportunity to showcase finished pieces, and the chance to gain critical feedback on her work.

Helena has been able to turn her creative talent into cash by undertaking work teaching young people how to be creative with sound.  She believes that programmes like ISP are important for the development of artistic practice and the exploration of various forms of knowledge, resulting in new and challenging creative outcomes.  Helena describes the best thing about the programme being “the opportunity to develop and present new ideas”.  She feels that more people could benefit from schemes such as this continuing “because they forge links between different sectors of the community which encourage growth and development”.



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