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Delivering the Mentorship Programme in collaboration with Emma Larkinson, Public Art Consultant. 

Optima have been leading the way in mixed-use regeneration in Birmingham for the past 8 years. Groundbreaking partnerships have created award winning design and a sustainable community in the heart of Birmingham.

Optima has embarked on the development and delivery of programme of public art projects in order to enhance the quality of the environment across the development of the communities that make up Attwood Green.  The programme is a partnership with Crest Nicholson developers.



Optima and Crest developed a masterplan and combined a number of community based, temporary art projects with a substantial period of research and dialogue with local people.  This commission was undertaken by the three artists Lucy Orta, Jorge Orta and Nayan Kulkarni and  resulted in the proposals that are outlined in the masterplan titled ‘Constellations’, which included proposals for developing a route of light art projects through  the estates.

Optima and Equal

The ‘Constellations Route Scheme’ has presented an opportunity for three artists to undertake a mentorship programme with the support of artist Nayan Kulkarni and lighting designers Martin Lupton and Eli Coombes from BDP lighting. 

The programme has provided professional development opportunities which are part of the delivery of art projects that will become permanent elements of the built environment.  In addition the programme has allowed the artists to gain skills at working closely with members of the community that live alongside the artworks.  The beneficiary artists have also taken part in an international networking event in Rotterdam back in May 2007.  Three artists have taken part in the programme, which will complete in the summer 2007.

For further information www.optima.org.uk