Gaining the confidence to work as a professional artist

Punam had always enjoyed drawing and wanted to study for an A-Level in art, but was encouraged to get a job instead.  She returned to England in 1966 when her arranged marriage didn’t work out, and as a single parent, her focus was on bringing money in to support her family.  Although she took redundancy to set up her own business selling greetings cards and prints, Punam only just covered her costs and had to return to a day job.

The RBSA Gallery invited Punam to participate in it’s artist professional development programme, which she says really helped in terms of developing her CV and artist’s statement, and in advising her how to approach galleries.
“ It gave me the confidence to work with professionals, to be accepted and be encouraged to develop my own style meant a lot, I would love to become an Associate Member of the RBSA, to know that I am accepted by the art world and that I am technically good enough”.

“I loved every minute of it, I felt like a real artist”.  Punam’s work was recently exhibited at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and she is now looking for a space to sell her work in a kiosk in the Bull Ring.  Her dream is to run a gallery and rent out space to up and coming artists.



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