Phil and Ben

Professional development and new opportunities for artists


Phil and Ben had been collaborating together for a couple of years before joining the ISP.  They were motivated to apply as ISP offered them the chance to research and develop an exciting and challenging piece of new art, which would in turn expand the scale and ambition of their artistic practice.

The opportunity to carry out a period of supported research and develop a new piece of work was very important to Phil and Ben, they feel that without schemes such as this it would be very hard for them to work as full time artists.

Ben and Phil explain that through ISP they received advice on securing funding for their project, and practical support in terms of delivering it.  They were also offered the opportunity to showcase the results.

“Through the scheme we have been able to develop new art work which has opened up a whole new area of creative methods to us e.g. computer programming skills and music technology skills.  Professionally the programme has allowed us to broaden our ideas and raise them to a more ambitious level”.

They feel that programmes such as ISP are invaluable as they allow the time and funding for artists to be able to think about and make art.  

“We are developing the work researched during the programme into a larger project over the course of this year.  Hopefully this will in turn raise our profile as artists and also further extend the scale and ambition of our work”.


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