Securing new work in lighting design

Since he was 12 years old, Matt had always wanted to work in lighting, when at school, a teacher asked him to operate a lighting fader.  Immediately prior to the Apprenticeship programme, Matt was working as a chain lad, building the M42, and selling vacuum cleaners door to door.  He was lying in bed in 2005, when his Mum told him to get down to the job centre.  It was there that he saw details on the Technical Apprentice scheme.


Matt felt that securing a place on the programme was “better than winning the lottery”.  Between sixty and seventy people applied for the apprenticeship, and Matt believes that it was his South Park tie that made him stand out!  Through the apprenticeship Matt has gained several qualifications, and has become much more independent and confident “It has made me grow up and everyone says so as well”.  One of Matt’s friends is currently in prison; Matt says that this programme has helped him to realise his potential and to break away from that.

Since completing his apprenticeship, Matt has secured lighting work, including the Saturday Night Fever national tour, and a launch at the National Exhibition Centre, as well as other lighting design work.  He is really looking forward to living away from home for the first time on tour.  “I do a lot of things on my own now that I wouldn’t have done before because I didn’t want to look like an idiot”.



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