Building a business out of product production

Upon joining ISP, Kate was employed and self-employed at the same time, having recently registered as a self-employed artist after slowing building her reputation, though without earning from it.  Kate felt that taking part in the programme would help her to reach her targets more effectively, and she was very excited to learn that she had secured a place.

The key benefits that Kate hoped to get out of the programme were mentoring and advice.  As a result of participating in ISP Kate has now begun to build a business out of product production  - a totally new avenue for her work.  “As a result of ISP I have now gained a feasibility grant and will be working with a managing consultant to make my business more financially viable”.  She believes that programmes such as ISP are important as they “focus your aims and put more emphasis on reaching targets at specific times”.  For Kate, the best thing about the programme was being given the opportunity to present her work in a final showcase.

Kate has been successful in converting her creative talent into cash through products and commissions.  She is also now signed to a gallery in Italy, which will hopefully bring further sales.



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