Learning about focus, gaining confidence, and starting to shine

Immediately before joining the Pen2Paper programme, Richard was working as a self-employed builder.  He had previously written many plays and is a published poet.

Richard’s motivation for wanting to take part in the programme was “to give me a focus on actually writing something that somebody wanted.  It gave me a real goal, instead of writing something that would recede into the ether”.  He describes being awarded a place as “like winning something.  I hoped beyond hope that I’d get a place, when it came I was on top of the world, well for a day or two anyway!”

The programme has given Richard massive focus, and taught him how to network and talk about his work (previously his shyness had always got in the way).  He feels that programmes like this are valuable because they give talented people a chance to shine.

“We have to fish for talent, without this there’d be no rod or bait or keep net.  There are people out there who would kill for this chance and I’m just glad I got a place on it.  This programme has given me focus, confidence and understanding into the way theatre works. I now know that my work can be potentially valued.  Best programme I’ve ever been on and was very enjoyable”.



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