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Deliverer of the Interdisciplinary Support Programme.


VIVID provides a resource for artists and curators in the form of commissions, residencies, exhibitions, publications, research, talks and touring activities.

VIVID’s project space accommodates the production and exhibition of media arts, bringing together technical resources, support services and presentation facilities in a unique environment.

Interdisciplinary Support Programme

The Interdisciplinary Support Programme (ISP) explored the creative possibilities arising from collaboration across disciplines - artistic, curatorial, technological and industrial, by supporting joint research projects between creative individuals in Birmingham and other industries across the West Midlands.

One of the main objectives of the programme was to blur and push the boundaries of what is traditionally considered to be media arts practice, by placing emphases on practice led research collaboration and cross disciplinary activity through risk taking and experimentation.

Throughout its duration, ISP worked with 15 individuals in the development of 11 very different projects, ranging from more traditional methods of art production including film and video, sculpture and installation to newer methods of working, which have only recently been exploited by artists, for instance rapid prototyping.

The participants attended an intensive three-day launch programme which consisted of project briefs, artist and mentor presentations, group discussion, skills development sessions and networking events. This introduction to the programme served to kick-start the collaborations and cohesiveness of the larger group. Each participant received a tailor made programme of support appropriate to their needs, including mentoring, technical facilitation, and access to studio and presentation space. Critical discourse and network development were key to the group dynamics and at regular intervals the 15 participants met in workshop situations to showcase and discuss their projects.
A series of presentations showcasing the research from each of these projects runs from February to September 2007, at VIVID's exhibition space and a variety of offsite locations.