Developing a fresh business approach as a writer

Prior to joining the New Writer development Programme, Moqapi was working as a Tutor for adults with learning difficulties and learning disabilities, and had experience as a Dub Poet/ Performance Poet.  His motivation for applying to join the programme was to broaden his horizons, branch out and try other writing genres.  Moqapi hoped to network with other Creatives, be challenged, step up to another level and discover whether he could ‘make it’ as a Creative.

The support Moqapi received from the mentors and trainers on the programme included information about the industry and the critiquing of works.  He emphasises how awareness of employment and commission opportunities was drummed into the students from day one, ensuring that they understood what a competitive environment they would be working within.

As a result of participating in the programme, Moqapi feels that he has become more disciplined in his approach to the business.  He describes the programme as “the wake-up call, the proverbial boot-up-the-backside that I needed”.  Presently, Moqapi is turning his creative talent into cash through the delivery of writing workshops in schools and by editing an anthology of children’s poetry.  He has also made a documentary on Birmingham Poets (‘Sumbrumpoets’), and is working towards setting up his own business.  

Moqapi feels that programmes like New Writer Development are vital as they not only bring creative practitioners together, but also provide them with the opportunity to network, do things that they might never have done otherwise, and give them a solid grounding in the business.  He continues: “to not continue courses like this is like starving a child of oxygen.  The creative industry is just that – an industry, and industries need workers.  If the workers are not given the necessary training how can the industry survive? Keep these courses going”.



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Developing a fresh business approach as a writer