Joining a network of diverse, dynamic and talented writers

Before joining the programme Natasha had worked for over 15 years as an actress, singer choreographer and dancer.  Her motivation for applying to the scheme was to focus on her writing and she felt chuffed to have secured a place. 

Upon enrolling, Natasha had no real expectations from being part of the programme, expect perhaps exposure and confidence in her writing practice.  She used the mentoring support received to her advantage, and it has led to her developing her work.  For Natasha, the benefits were all about support and validation of her written work.  She lists the skills and experience gained through the programme as increased confidence in her writing, critiquing others’ work, sharing work and listening to feedback.

Natasha describes the impact that the programme has had on her as very positive.  “I am part of a very dynamic, diverse and talented writers network.  Most of whom have gone on to do really great things and continue to support one another in a myriad of ways”.

Asked why programmes such as the New Writer Development Programme are important, Natasha explained “it’s a structured professional development with measurable outcomes (and some not measurable).  It is important to be nurtured and to develop right through any career”.



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