A musician with business acumen and new opportunities

Ahmed is a musician who was motivated to join the Creative Pathways programme by the possibility that he may be able to earn more money from his music, by becoming more “business minded”.

Through the programme, Ahmed received masses of information on a variety of different opportunities to develop his business acumen and showcase his work.  Being employed and busy at work, Ahmed found it difficult to attend all of the seminars and conferences that were relevant to his aims, however, he made the most of the opportunities that were presented to him: -

“I did receive about 2000% more opportunities through being a member of the Creative Pathways scheme, and I truly believe that if Birmingham if to provide healthy competition with London and Dublin for creative opportunities, then we should have more schemes like Creative Pathways.  I have networked at every single creative event I have attended, Wonderful!”

As a result of the programme Ahmed has been paid to perform at Gigbeth music festival.



A life changing experience and huge achievements


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Professional development and new opportunities for artists  



Joining a network of diverse, dynamic and talented writers



Building confidence, and sharpening his skills as a writer



A supportive programme leads to paid writing commissions