The beneficiaries of Equal: the Last Mile gained many things from the programme of professional development and support. We thought that it would be better if they expressed this in their own words ...

Amanda, Birmingham Libraries, Creative Pathways

‘The last 12 months has been pretty amazing, everyone on the programme has really helped, you don’t feel as though you are doing it on your own’

Ranbir and Colin, VIVID, Interdisciplinary Support Programme

‘The best thing about the programme was gaining the intellectual, creative and strategic support of a respected arts organisation like VIVID’

Kate, Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre, EQUAL Project

‘At the end of the programme Kate took part in a showcase of work, and was approached by a company who saw her designs and offered her work with them’

Giovanni (Spoz), Book Communications, New Writer Development Programme

‘I feel as if I am living the dream.  The timing was perfect for me – the course changed my life’

Kimberley, Birmingham REP Pen2Paper Programme

‘I feel confident with the new skills I have developed and excited about developing a career as a writer’

Andy, RBSA Gallery, Professional Development Programme

‘I found the course inspiring and very useful, and felt that it gave me a lot more confidence to continue with my creative practice’

Clare, Book Communications, New Writer Development Programme

‘The course has changed my life, even my psychotherapist says so!  It has transferred into other areas of my life as well, now I can take a taxi on my own’

Matt, Birmingham REP, Technical Apprentice Programme

‘Securing a place on the programme was better than winning the lottery. It has made me grow up and everyone says so as well’

Cheryl, Birmingham REP Pen2Paper Programme

‘Before the programme I was more or less walking into the business blind; I just knew I wanted to write’

Sonali, Birmingham REP Pen2Paper Programme

‘Before the scheme, I didn’t consider myself a playwright, and now I do.  The process has directly led to two paid commissions: a co-commission from Kali Theatre Company, Black Country Touring and The REP, and another to co-author a play for The REP’

Richard, Birmingham REP Pen2Paper Programme

‘This programme has given me focus, confidence and understanding into the way theatre works.  I now know that my work can be potentially valued.  Best programme I’ve ever been on and was very enjoyable’

Alex, Birmingham REP Pen2Paper Programme

‘My play has changed from a good basic outline to a very good finished work which I feel confident using as a calling card.  These schemes are important in making the West Midlands a hub of creativity’

Kimberley, Birmingham REP Pen2Paper Programme

'I was successful in gaining a place at Kings College and The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and I feel this was related to my part in the EQUAL programme'

Hannan, Birmingham Rep, Technical Apprentice Programme

‘I have done things that I couldn’t even have dreamed I would be able to do.  Now I am able to handle myself in situations’

Punam, RBSA Gallery, Professional Development Programme

‘I loved every minute of it, I felt like a real artist”.  Punam’s work was recently exhibited at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and she is now looking for a space to sell her work in a kiosk in the Bull Ring’