Developing new skills leads to a writing commission

Cheryl was in full time education before applying to join the Pen2Paper programme, and had no prior creative industries experience. She hoped that the programme would enable her to complete her first script, and to gain as much knowledge as possible about the industry she hoped to work in. “I was more or less walking into the business blind; I just knew I wanted to write”.

Cheryl was given an immense amount of support from her Mentor and the literary department at The REP. This included watching productions at various development stages, and having free access to the theatre; being put in contact with three producers; and receiving insight into the business side of script writing.  Cheryl has developed new skills, such as being able to accept constructive criticism and use it her advantage in the redrafting process, and being more comfortable with networking.

As a result of her participation in the programme, Cheryl has been commissioned by The REP to co-write a play for 2008.  She believes that the creative industries can benefit from programmes like EQUAL by uncovering hidden gems, who may not get to expose their talent due to barriers as simple as not having the confidence to step outside of their usual environment.  Such programmes are important because of the contact with industry professionals, all of whom add something to the writer as a person, even if it is purely the reassurance to keep developing their talent. For Cheryl, the best thing about the Pen2Paper initiative was “writing, redrafting, work-shopping and showcasing my work in a theatre space dedicated to new writing.  Fantastic!”


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