Creative Management Group

Personal Management Service

The Creative Management Group was formed in 2004 to provide an intensive personal management service for high calibre musical artists, both in the UK and overseas. 

This increasingly competitive industry has meant greater demands on artists and therefore a need for a fresher and more dynamic, pro-active approach supported by a technologically efficient organisation to help meet artist requirements.

At Creative we are inspired by the part we play in creativity and of being catalysts in the process of developing ideas and projects for our artists within the Creative Group. We are dedicated to partnership with all sides of the business in delivering results that matter.

Industry-Ready Musician Development Programme

Creative Management Group’s programme uses its industry expertise, contacts and reputation to develop musicians and showcase their talent, with a view to signing with major or independent record labels/ publishing houses etc. 

Its one-on-one mentoring approach aims to develop Birmingham-based solo artists, bands, songwriters and producers to an industry-ready level, helping them achieve self-sufficiency within the music industry.  

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