Building confidence, and sharpening his skills as a writer

Len had just taken severance from his full-time job when he secured his place on the New Writer development programme, and was really pleased to have been accepted: -

“Too many of these schemes make a show of being ‘egalitarian’ but are ageist.  It was refreshing to find a scheme that had cast its net wider”.

Len hoped that the programme would offer him the opportunity to widen and extend his writing, and provide some outlets for it.  He found that the training on performance poetry helped to increase his confidence in that area, and that other writing skills were sharpened.  Overall, he now feels more aware of possibilities.  Len believes that programmes like this are important because “they help to open up a network of practitioners.  They also provide insights into the potential scope of applications to which writing can be put”.

The best thing about the programme according to Len, was meeting a range of aspiring writers of all ages and from many different social backgrounds.

“Schemes like this emphasise that being directly involved in creative writing (etc.) is not merely ‘pie in the sky’; they open up areas of application that creatives many not have seriously considered previously”.


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