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Responsible for the Professional Development Programme.

The RBSA is Birmingham’s oldest artist-led group and is unique in the region in that it owns its own professionally managed gallery.  The RBSA Gallery houses two temporary exhibition galleries, showing about twenty different exhibitions a year and a dedicated craft gallery displaying innovative work by the country’s leading designer makers. 

The RBSA is dedicated to the support of contemporary art and artists and aims to serve the interests of all sections of the wider community by enriching and improving the quality of life through its programme of exhibitions and life-long learning initiatives.  These initiatives include workshops for children and families, a schools programme, a research training programme for undergraduates, and a summer school and professional development programme for adults, as well as demonstrations, workshops and lectures.  

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The RBSA and Equal project

Our project is a Professional Development Programme for artists working in drawing, painting or print-making.  It consists of 6 one day practical workshops and 7 short seminars on developing professional skills.

The practical workshops are designed to help artists develop their work by concentrating on practical skills such as tone, colour, composition and perspective.  The professional skills seminars help participants with elements such as how to frame and present work, working with dealers and public collections or managing a solo show.  Participants are encouraged to enter the RBSA’s ‘Open’ exhibition, so that at the same time as looking at professional and design theory they can put lessons learned into practice.  Two sessions have been run, one in 2005/6 and one in 2006/7 and 20 students have benefited from the programme.

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The aim of the programme is to encourage emerging artists to take advantage of opportunites for artist in the city.  Success stories from the programme include the election to Associate membership of the RBSA of one of the students, and the selection of another student as a participant to represent the Hindu faith in a multi-faith exhibition held at St Martins in the Bull Ring.

‘I think that it has been a tremendous programme to run. I feel that there is a lot of ignorance about the career of an artist and every one of the Equal programmes has really been about the professional skills that are required’
Marie Considine – Gallery Directory RBSA 
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