Production of the Creative Compass Film

Dreamfinder Productions was set up in 2002 by BAFTA award winning television and film producer, Natasha Carlish. Natasha set up the company in order to develop and produce films that would garner critical acclaim and commercial success.

The first production, BROWN PAPER BAG, won a BAFTA and Turner Classic Movies Award as well as travelling to a number of festivals. Since then the company has produced over 50 short films, many of which have screened at international film festivals and on television. Dreamfinder has a number of feature film projects in development, the first of which, THE DEATH OF CHRISTINE JAMES, is due to shoot early next year. Dreamfinder also produces short films for the corporate sector, runs a range of mentoring and training programmes and Natasha is a founding member of the Producers’ Forum as well as a Director on the board of Screen West Midlands.

Dreamfinder and Equal

As the Producer/Director for the Creative Compass Film it entailed working together with the Creative Development department of Birmingham City Council (Link to BCC) and Audiences Central (Link to Audiences Central) in order to try and capture the essence of the Equal Programme (Link to Equal Programme). 

The visioning session was incredibly useful in as much as it allowed us to express what the film did or didn’t want to be. My role was then to translate this into a process of research and development and ultimately to create a film to tell the story. Distilling the experience of over 400 beneficiaries into a 12 minute film was a real challenge and we decided the best way to illustrate the “heart and soul” of the equal programme was to focus on two stories and to intercut these stories (Link to stories) with comments from some of the city’s creative pundits. You can see the result for yourselves!

‘Nurturing and developing new creative talent in our city is something I feel extremely passionate about. So to be asked to create a film to illustrate just one area of work that is focusing on this very important issue was a real privilege. I was really inspired by the contributors to the film, their determination to succeed and their stories and I was really lucky to work with some great creative collaborators such as Endboard, Quench, John Mostyn and Bassflo’, the Audiosuite, Aquila Film and Television and Shefali Oza.

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