Life changing:  From a call centre to a full time musician

Amanda had wanted to work in the music industry since she was a child.  She had started to write songs and teach herself to play the piano, but had no contacts within the industry.

Amanda was working in a call centre when she was invited to apply for a place on the Creative Pathways programme, which consisted of masterclasses and seminars about the music business, including how to earn a living in the industry, and showcasing opportunities.  The music promoter who mentored Amanda put together different samplers of her work, and she has now released music in Germany, a dance track in Spain, been to a music festival in Italy, and is booked to sing in Brasil, performing at the FMI Festival.

Following the programme Amanda is now a full time musician and has released an album, describing the programme as having “changed my life”.  In five years’ time she still wants to be singing and performing, and would love to be up for a Brit award.

“The last 12 months has been pretty amazing, everyone on the programme has really helped, you don’t feel as though you are doing it on your own”.




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