Generating paid work as a writer

Prior to securing a place on Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s Pen2Paper programme, Alex was working as a volunteer.

Alex felt elated when she was awarded her place on the scheme, and hoped that the programme would provide her with access to a fantastic Mentor; a peer group to bounce ideas off; the opportunity to watch many different shows; and the chance to showcase her writing.

Throughout the programme Alex received excellent support from her Mentor, including advice on play structure, how to present her work, and who to approach with it.

For Alex, the new skills and experience that she has gained through Pen2Paper include having become a much better writer, being more proficient in editing her own work, and having gained a lot of confidence in all areas of her life.  She predicts that this positive impact will continue over the coming months, as she works on her next play and securing future commissions.

Alex has been able to generate paid work through her writing talent, including magazine articles and delivering a writing workshop for Heaventree Press.  She believes that programmes like this are important because the creative industries are “very difficult to get into, especially when you’re a bit older like me.  This has given me access to people and resources which have been invaluable.  My play has changed from a good basic outline to a very good finished work which I feel confident using as a calling card.  These schemes are important in making the West Midlands a hub of creativity”.



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Generating paid work as a writer