A new career as a writer

Kimberley had just graduated from university with a degree in drama, and was looking to gain real industry experience to lead towards a career as a writer when she first heard about the Pen2Paper scheme.  She was considering applying for a Master’s course (something she later did, and is studying for at the moment).


Securing a place on the programme felt like a huge achievement for Kimberley; giving her hope that this line of work was accessible to her, and that it was possible to be successful within this profession.  She was also excited about developing her idea into a full length script, and looked forward to benefiting from the support of the professionals at The REP.

Through the programme Kimberley hoped to gain practical advice on developing her writing style, and was eagerly awaiting the master classes on writing for various mediums, hoping that this would allow her to experiment with writing for radio or television in the future.  “What I felt was fantastic about the programme was that all these expectations were met”.

Kimberley’s Mentor, Jess, was extremely supportive and committed, taking Kimberley’s work seriously and being available to offer support and constructive feedback.  Jess also gave practical advice, for example, on the impact on budgets when considering the size of a cast and the location of scenes.  Jess often discussed her own work and her knowledge of the industry with Kimberley, offering invaluable insights.

Whilst on the programme, Kimberley applied to study for a Masters in Text and Performance at King’s College and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.  “I was successful in gaining a place and I feel this was related to my part in the EQUAL programme”.

Kimberley was commissioned to write a play for final year students at the University of Wolverhampton to perform as part of their course.  “I feel confident with the new skills I have developed and excited about developing a career as a writer”.

Kimberley felt that the best thing about Pen2Paper was the individual support offered to each writer and the one hundred percent commitment of all those involved, including The REP, Mentors, the acting company and funders, in making sure that the writer reaches their best creatively.

“Programmes like this are important in making careers within the arts accessible to those from a variety of economic or social backgrounds. They are particularly important in showcasing the work of young, aspiring writers/artists so that opportunities can be created for new work to emerge…These schemes nurture new talent and therefore keep the industry fresh and relevant to contemporary society”.



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