The Making of the Film

We decided from a very early stage that everyone involved in the delivery of the Birmingham: the Creative City film needed to be based in Birmingham.

The main difficulty was trying to streamline down a potential list of collaborators from a vast field of talented film makers, artists, designers, web developers, musicians and brand consultants.

The film was commissioned by Birmingham City Council, scoped, drafted and managed by Audiences Central and produced and directed by Dreamfinder Productions.

Potential stories were listed and a decision was made by the director to focus on just 2 of the 400 beneficiary stories to enable sufficient focus to be given to the impact of the scheme. Other journeys can be experienced by looking at the beneficiary stories section.

Other major partners in the film making process were John Mostyn who worked with music for film debutant Bass Flo, Quench Design who titled the films DVD menu and cover artwork and Supercool Design who worked on brand and design elements for the marketing campaign under the management of Audiences Central .

You can see the film at one of our screenings, view the film now or request a copy by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

We hope you enjoy it.