Developing a career in stage management


Hannan was just coming to the end of her GCSEs and didn’t have a clue what she was going to do with her life when the information came through her school about the stage management apprenticeship at the REP Theatre.  Hannan had never considered a career in stage management – she had always been interested in acting but had never thought about working behind the scenes.

The technical placement began in September 2005, and over the 18 month period Hannan had the opportunity to interact with actors, make and find props, learn about model making and carpentry, and a whole variety of other skills that are part of stage management. 

Hannan felt that she was very immature when she started at the REP, but due to the experiences that she had and the people that she worked with, she gained in confidence. 

During her placement, Hannan worked on a number of shows at the REP, including Alice in Wonderland, and has come to learn how much work goes into each project.  Through the programme Hannan has gained a number of qualifications, as well working as an Assistant Stage Manager and Deputy Stage Manager on various productions.  “I have done things that I couldn’t even have dreamed I would be able to do.  Now I am able to handle myself in situations”.

In five years’ time Hannan would like to be a Deputy Stage Manager; her dream is to work in the West End or on Broadway.  Hannan’s parents are really proud of her, and she explains “for the first couple of months I was like a fish out of water, now I feel as if I have grown up and I am really doing something with my life”.  Hannan recognises that she wouldn’t be doing anything like this if it hadn’t been for the scheme:  “It’s really helped me to get my foot in the door and build contacts…it has given me a career”.



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