Opening doors in the music industry

Aran was introduced to MSR Music whilst he was in a band; he showed passion in wanting to work behind the scenes and enrolled in a college course doing Music Technology.  MSR Music then told Aran about the Equal programme and Aran felt that this would help him gain industry experience outside of college.  The only previous experience Aran had before starting the programme was with his band, song writing and DJing at family parties.

The motivation for him wanting to take part in this programme was his love of music, and his desire to record and produce good music. Aran was really pleased when MSR Music told him he was going to be a part of this programme. “It was more about someone helping me got somewhere I wanted to be.”

He was happy with the experience gained from being on the programme, he felt it was better then the college course he was studying, because he was putting what he was learning into practice.  With MSR Music mentoring, him he has learnt and mastered the art of producing music. 

Before he started the programme Aran’s confidence was low.  Now he is confident about where he is and how much he’s learnt, “I’m even confident enough to start my own business.”

He enjoys working with a different variety of people.  The programme has also opened doors for him in the music industry, without this hands on experience it would be just another college course.  He is grateful for the chance to be able to work with MSR Music.

Aran found that being on the programme has helped him gain confidence in the field of work he wants to succeed in.  He has big plans for after college, which include him starting his own business.  The experience he has gained with MSR Music has been great for him; he is about to go on a UK tour with an Australian band called Transport who are coming over here to work with MSR Music and have a number of tour dates set up.  Aran is very excited about touring, as this is a dream come true for him.



Opening doors in the music industry



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